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Synthetic Examination Gloves Powder Free

Synthetic Examination Gloves Powder Free

Disposable Synthetic examination Gloves from Safety Gloves can be used across a wide variety of industries, including kitchens, food preparation, medical examinations, and more. Whatever type of synthetic disposable glove or chemical permeation protection you need, we have a product for you. Hicare is here to provide the best powdered Synthetic examination gloves in UAE and Dubai. They are made from latex-free synthetic rubber and are far superior to latex when it comes to puncture resistance and general durability. Nitrile examination gloves also offer better chemical resistance against certain chemicals compared to latex and vinyl gloves.


A disposable glove is commonly made from natural or synthetic rubber and is used to protect the wearer by caregivers in health care to protect themselves and patients from infections.

Gloves Sizes

Medium Large


White Blue Black


Natural Rubber Latex


Powder Free, Ambidextrous, Non-Sterile

Storage And Shelf life

The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition. Avoid direct sunlight

5 years from the date of manufacture with the above storage condition

Q: What is Synthetic examination gloves? 

 A: Nitrile is a synthetic examination elastic that offers adaptability, long-life solidness, and substance opposition. Nitrile is a synthetic examination elastomer intended to be dampness safe. Expendable synthetic examination gloves are adaptable and strong making them ideal for modern undertakings, the food business, and medical services applications. 

 Q: What is the distinction between nitrile examination gloves and synthetic examination gloves? 

 A: Synthetic examination gloves versus Nitrile examination Gloves. Synthetic examination gloves are made of normal elastic that fits easily and safeguards from infections and microscopic organisms. Synthetic examination gloves are made of synthetic elastic that opposes penetrates and unforgiving cleaning synthetic compounds yet hinders scope of movement. Synthetic examination gloves are exceptionally normal.