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Latex Examination Gloves Powder Free

Latex Examination Gloves Powder Free

Gloves made of powder-free latex provide the best combination of comfort and grip. Due to its high elasticity and micro-texture, Latex disposable gloves are highly resistant to tears, punctures, and contamination. Hicare is here to provide the best Latex examination gloves in UAE and Dubai. Examination gloves are available in 3 materials Latex, Nitrile (Latex Free) & Vinyl (Latex Free) type. The examination gloves are tested and proved safe against dermal sensitization and skin irritation.


Latex Examination Glove is used as a good biological barrier to protect the user’s hands against contamination. An all-rounder glove that is suitable for use in medical healthcare and dental procedures. It's elastic and soft latex film provides superior dexterity with good fit & tactile sensitivity. The glove is finished with a textured surface for secure grip and added handling precision. Powder Free Latex Gloves are coated with unique blend of polymer to provide excellent dry and damp hand donning capabilities

Gloves Sizes

X Small  Small  Medium Large  X Large


Blue  White


Natural Rubber Latex


Powder Free, Ambidextrous, Non-Sterile

Storage And Shelf life

The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition. Avoid direct sunlight

5 years from the date of manufacture with the above storage condition

Q: What are latex examination gloves utilised for? 

 A: Latex examination gloves offers wearers security against both organic and compound dangers, settling on it an optimal decision for the individuals who come into contact with patients during clinical examinations, dentistry, surgical work and veterinary work. 

 Q: Which is better? nitrile examination gloves or latex examination gloves?

 A: The response is that Nitrile examination gloves are more grounded, greater gloves contrasted with Latex examination gloves. Nonetheless, Latex examination gloves are a less expensive choice for those that don't need more grounded substance and cut obstruction. 

 Q: What is the difference between surgical gloves and examination gloves? 

 A: There are two primary sorts of surgical gloves: examination gloves and surgical gloves. Surgical gloves have more exact estimating with a superior accuracy and responsiveness and are made to a better quality. Examination gloves are accessible as either sterile or non-sterile, while careful gloves are by and large sterile.