Difference Between Nitrile Examination Gloves and Latex Examination Gloves

In this article, we'll outline the differences between the two types of disposable gloves. 

As the most popular natural glove material, Latex gloves balance comfort and protection. As Latex is a 100% natural material made of tree sap, it is considered a natural and organic material. Some people can cause mild allergies while using Latex gloves but can be easily prevented. The introduction of powder-free latex resulted in an overall reduction in allergy reactions among healthcare workers.

Disposable latex glove manufacturers offer both powdered and powder-free varieties. An inner coating of disposable latex gloves is often coated with powder for easier don and removal. The use of powder-free latex gloves is often preferred in environments such as hospitals, laboratories, painting applications, and manufacturing environments. Hicare is the leading gloves manufacturing company providing the best Latex examination gloves in UAE.

While Inorganic synthetic materials are used in the manufacture of nitrile gloves. For many, Nitrile gloves are their first choice; tattoo artists love a black glove, and hobbyists and surgeons appreciate its precision. Several tattoo artists have donated their nitrile gloves to essential workers and medical facilities due to covid. It is common for hospitals to use only medical-grade nitrile, but Covid has caused shortages throughout the United States. 

  1. The gloves made of Nitrile are waterproof.
  2. Its high tactile sensitivity makes Nitrile gloves a top choice.
  3. Gloves that Offer a Proper Fit and Comfort

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Where can you buy nitrile or latex gloves? 

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